acoustic demo

On the Hunt

You know, sometimes I get into a writing slump as I am sure many other song writers experience. When I sit down either two things happen: My hand can cant keep up with my mind or I stare blankly at a blank page.....for hours. Time to enact plan "B." Im not talking about the day after having a wild, reckless night with lady either. Sometimes its good to check out some of your old songs to see if there's any fire left in there. So I am re-visiting some which I wrote back in 2008 during a year long project in North Dakota. Yeah, I said it N-O-R-T-H- D-A-Fucking-K-O-T-A. The weather surely wasnt as nice as sunny California...-40 degrees in the winter! I had plenty of time to write songs and make friends at the local bar. If you're ever in Dickinson, ND please visit Bernie's Esquire. its a great little biker bar with super cool people to boot! So here is one of those songs, its called "Falling Over" Follow the link to the soundcloud and enjoy.


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