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Fresh Tracks Mix April 26, 2016

Dead Day Revolution – “Needles”

It’s good to see that there are still plenty of talented bands recording balls-to-wall rock like Los Angeles duo Dead Day Revolution, whose new album, On Our Own, features thrilling rockers like “Vampire Blues”; riveting, stadium-ready tracks like “Children of The Night,” and the Pearl Jam-sounding, “Ghost,” as well as unusually titled blazers like “Dancing on the Corner of Death” (whatever that means).

And yet Dead Day Revolution can also lay down a mean ballad-like slow dancer, “Down The Road,” definitely one of the standout tracks on the album. But it is the more accessible pop rocker, “Needles,” with it’s upbeat rhythm and melodic hooks, that will likely appeal to the much wider audience. Either way, the members of Dead Day Revolution – Skeeter Joplin (drums) and Mike Sandoz (guitar, vocals) – are not rookie musicians, and considering that they have built up a ‘following’ of more than 94,000 Likes, many agree.

The Scene Magazine

Dead Day Revolution – On Our Own – Album Review

Owen Maxwell April 25, 2016

After years on the road honing their music, Hollywood’s Dead Day Revolution land with the impressive debut LP On Our Own. The record mixes hard rock, blues, post-punk and pop with interesting results, pulling sounds from all over including The Offspring, Foo Fighters and impressively later even The Cure. The album changes gears in interesting ways, leaving you always guessing what flavour you’ll get next.

Just One Question” opens the record on a dark, moody rip with booming drums and emotive guitars that pull every ounce of anguish out of the song possible. The lyrics speak of a man whose love has betrayed him, leaving him to suffer on his own. The beat picks up on “Vampire Blues,” a grimy tear on a classic blues riff with relentless energy, holding nothing back.

Dancing On The Corner Of Death” keeps things rolling with a similar blues tone mixed with a hard rock soul that gives the song a unique blend of heavy blues with pop chops. The drums come roaring out the gate on “Children Of The Night,” a breakneck-speed track that sounds like the Foo Fighters meets the Offspring. The last half of the song slows things down to bring in the finale with intensity.

There’s a dark-swamp blues twang on “Bury My Soul” that gives the song an epic feel to every chord. The song’s stop and go choruses, emphasized wonderfully by the drums showcase the band’s great writing chops and the lo-fi vocals at the end of the solo show their attention to detail. “New Eyes Of The World” throttles the tempo right back up, and has the vicious instrumentation and distorted vocals to match. The song’s tale of emerging from a troubled past is driven home in its pained bridge where it contrasts this with the song’s brightest instrumentation.

The flanger is dialed up on title-track “On Our Own” where the band delivers a catchy bass-driven tune with a chorus that begs to be sang by crowds at live shows. “Ghost” finds the band dialing into 90s Cure feel, mixing in their rock edge to create a song that’s eclectic but still urges head-banging on every chorus. The song’s drum break down takes the song down a fun side-road near the end and gives them a loose-cannon style that closes the song out even more excitedly than previous choruses.

Things get even brighter on “Down The Road” where stop-and-go verses, clean guitars and synthy sounds make for a delightful pop-rock song that still manages to deliver on every emotional cylinder it needs. The bass-driven pop returns on “Needles” with more piano and lighter-hearted sense of fun.

The heavy rock kicks back in on “Sister” with killer rock riffs and thumping drums grabbing you by the collar and shaking you right out the gate. The song drives some great pop sensibility on the vocals and the organ gives the song a great vintage feel. The album closes on the sombre “Wait,” with eerie vocals delivered over a dark mix of guitars and keyboards to deliver a sad yet powerful track, whose final bridge kicks back into the chorus with brutal intensity.

On Our Own definitely stands as a solid debut for a band who put time into their first record. The first half of the album works as a good hard rock record but the second half’s pop tracks and throwback rock take it over the top for a side two that at times sounds like a completely different band. With this diversity the band definitely stands to turn heads playing this album live and impress on their follow up down the road.



About Owen Maxwell

I take music however I can get it; live, through headphones or jamming in my latest project. Creating is my passion whether it be writing, music, radio, video or photography, and the itch is never scratched. I will geek out with you on anything from music to DC to having a conversation in multiple languages. I want to see the world, create something that will outlive me and learn as many languages as I can.


RockRevolt Magazine


Published April 11, 2016

This week’s Indie Band of the Week comes to us from Los Angeles, California. Dead Day Revolution just released their debut album On Our Own on April 5th and they expect great things to come from it. So enjoy this weeks Indie Band of the Week!

Who are you and what is your role in the band?

I’m Mike Sandoz and I sing and play guitar for the Los Angeles rock band Dead Day Revolution.

How did the band get started?

Back in late 2009 I met Skeeter through his sister Zoey shortly after moving to Los Angeles. He was playing in some other bands at the time. We all started hanging out and decided to jam together with songs that I had written on acoustic guitar. It kinda went from there and by December we had decided to form Dead Day Revolution with Zoey on bass, Skeeter on drums and myself singing and playing guitar.

Who are your influences and how do they play a role in your sound?

Our influences are all over the place. Skeeter grew up listening to big band players like Buddy Rich and 1970’s punk bands like the New York Dolls. I think that really comes out in his aggressive but tasteful drum sound. I have been into artists like The Cure, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Fuzz to singer songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and crooners like Roy Orbison. I think the thing I try to pick up on most of all are how each singer use their unique voices to make something cool.

What has been your most meaningful experience being in this band so far?

Well, its been a culmination of small victories over the past few years. Before I moved to Los Angeles I had never been in a band that actually went out and played shows. In all reality I thought that the dream of playing music and putting yourself out there would never escape my living room. Now as I am looking back on the things we have accomplished it gets harder for me to tell myself that it’s not happening. Our debut album has been a labor of love, with many delays in its release. This was my first studio recording after all. “On Our Own” sounds great thanks to our producer Larry Goetz, and will finally be available on April 5, 2016 via iTunes, Amazon etc. There were a lot of learning experiences in this process, as well as mistakes and missteps along the way but we got through it. This past year we were able to work with Director/Producer Dean Gold on creating amazing music videos for “Bury My Soul” and “Vampire Blues”, which are two songs off the album and can be seen on our webpage. It took us about a year to complete them. And more recently we have been getting some radio play in the States and abroad. Nothing has come easy for us…and it brings up the thought that the most meaningful experience is the entire experience, with all of the valleys, self doubt, and failures that we have to overcome.

Favorite memory from a show you’ve played or a place you’ve travelled?

One that that makes me smile is the time we played a last minute show in Los Angeles with Whitey Kirst (Iggy Pop). He had just gotten off the plane and didn’t have his guitar rig so he asked if he could use mine for his set. Now as most guitar players, I take pride in my sound and modify my guitar amps to get the sound I want. Whitey was totally blown away after playing my rig and asked “Me” how I got that sound. It’s pretty cool to get a nod from an accomplished musician.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Going back on meaningful experiences you would think that the victories that we have had would somehow quell the appetite for success, at least momentarily. But it doesn’t. How much success equals success? That’s difficult to answer when you are the one pushing yourself to achieve more. Do I want to be famous or win a Grammy? I don’t know because I don’t believe that the hunger to become “better” would go away. You hear celebrities talk about the emptiness all of the time. All I really want right now is to go on tour and begin recording a new album, to be able to create and live from our creations and to tell myself with confidence that I am an artist, a good songwriter and an inspiration to someone. That’s all hard to do and probably why I chose to be this. I’m stubborn like that.

Something about you that no one knows?

Over the past couple years I have become obsessed with cats. We have three now at home: Walter White, Don Draper and our newest addition Furiosa, yes she is missing a paw. There are probably more cat photos and videos on my phone than I should admit in public. The coolest thing about them is that they all have such different personalities and it takes work for them respect and trust you.

What is next for the band?

Right now we are focusing on the promotion of the album release “On Our Own” (buy it!) and we are planning a tour. With the momentum that has been building up we would like to “get outta town” and play in front of all of your faces, that would be wonderful.

Anything else you want to add?

“On Our Own” is available on iTunes right now for pre-order. Be sure to watch and share our music videos for “Bury My Soul” and “Vampire Blues”. And last but not least, if you like what we do then request us on your local rock radio station!

We are indie horror

Dead Day Revolution Wakes The Music Video Short Film With Vampire Blues

Published January 27, 2016

1982 worldwide sensational musical artist Michael Jackson and iconic horror director John Landis teamed up to bring a frightening short film and music video combination called Thriller. Decades later, the short film is still considered one of the best to ever exist and paved a way in the music video industry. As times changed, music videos adapted to shorter formats and less story. With a few gems here and there, for the most part the short film narrative and music video combination has been buried with the zombies from Thriller.

At last, today we bring you a very special treat awaken from the dead. No not zombies this time, but vampires. Los Angeles trio, Dead Day Revolution, have launched a new music video for their latest single, Vampire Blues. The rock and roll band has teamed up with veteran sci-fi and action director Dean Gold to bring the world this sexy, fun, and frightening music video short film. Be warned, although no nudity, this music video is absolutely Not Safe For Work, unless your work does not mind grind house type sexuality.

Dead Day Revolution has an incredibly unique sound that fits there world of grind house horror in a way you would not expect. Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of Bowie, Depeche Mode, with a little bit of rock and roll soul mixed in, this is a band to look out for. When it comes to the world of drive in movie theaters and over sexualized vampires, their music adds a perfect backdrop to the fun and provocative creatures of the night video.

The story for this short film by Dean Gold and Dead Day Revolution centers around a drive in movie theater where a guy and girl are on a date. The guy is broke due to previous relationships and the girl is fed up with him. It is the middle of the night and separated the couple experiences a night neither one of them will forget as long as they live. The short film stars Adam Joseph Daniels and Erika Appelgren as the couple in trouble and the sultry seductive Reka Rene as the vampire queen.

Dead Day Revolution‘s debut album On Our Own is out on April 5 of this year and it certainly will feature Vampire Blues. Check out the video for Vampire Blues below and for more information on the band or Dean Gold please check out the important links. What is your favorite horror based short film music video?

Keep The Fear Alive


Icons of fright

Vampires, Sex and BLOOD in Dead Day Revolution’s “Vampire Blues” Music Video!!

Posted by Jerry Smith on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

Whenever we get turned on to bands we previously weren’t privy to, we’re all about letting you fright fanatics know about them. Case in point: the LA-based Rock ‘N’ Roll trio, Dead Day Revolution, a band that raises their middle fingers to any classification, providing songs all across the musical board and offering a breath of fresh air. Putting out their new album, “On Our Own” on April 5th, the band teamed up with director Dean Gold to give viewers a hellish ride in the form of “Vampire Blues“, a music video filled with vampires, blood and an ample amount of sex to round things out. The NSFW video is incredibly well done, featuring Reka Rene, Adam Joseph Daniels, Erika Apelgren and a host of other vamps, all biting and grinding away.

We’ve got the music video for “Vampire Blues” for you readers, as well a very in depth “Making Of” video, giving you insight into what it took to make what is easily one of my favorite music videos in a good while. Check them out!

24Our Music

Dead Day Revolution Impresses with On Our Own

In Featured, Reviews, Rock - February 24, 2016 -  Trent B Minia

With lead singer and guitarist Mikey Sandoz, drummer Skeeter Joplin, and bassist Cristian, Sturba, Dead Day Revolution’s twelve track album On Our Own brings the heat and the drive in their fresh take on the rock genre. New fans will be happily surprised with how well the album is mixed, produced, and rich in content.

Dead Day Revolution throws their own colours, flavours, and spices into a rock & roll machine to produce a fresh Dead Day-esque rock sound for their album On Our Own.

DDR begins the album with the first track, “Bury My Soul.” The song is a moderately-paced head banger with a Western-style guitar riff and vocals. The sound perfectly places the listener in a showdown against an opponent with an aggressive attitude. Bury My Soul is accompanied by a music video directed by Dean Gold and is described as an “expressionistic canvas with a ‘love is war’ theme.” While I won’t describe the music video too much, the video indeed does make a good use of image filters and both black and white with colours emphasizing certain elements, such as a vinyl record of the video’s song.

Another song that has a music video for it is the ninth track, “Vampire Blues.” Also directed by Dean Gold, the music video is produced more like a short film. It’s about twelve minutes long, with a story, dialogue, and uses multiple tracks from DDR’s album. While the video is described as a “horror-themed retro rock opera,” with Gold also describing it as a “depraved rock and roller coaster to hell,” I didn’t catch those vibes while watching it. I did like the retro touch and the setting of the video which takes place at a drive-in theatre at night, as well as the retro images and sound projected on the theatre screen. However, everything after that, the video is supported with acting and effects that aren’t at the level they should be. There were a lot of elements where I was asking myself, “Why?” The video was wild but too wild, and it tries too hard to blend sex and horror together. In the end I was way more puzzled than I was horrified. The rock & roller coaster to hell fell short on the thrilling factor.

As for the song itself, Vampire Blues is a crazy and energetic song. Featuring exciting piano and guitar melodies with intense vocals, DDR delivers the blues fueled by blood-thirsty vampires.

The second track of the album, “Dancing on the Corner of Death,” has  a driving, pacey tempo with the vocals, the drumbeat, and the guitars to fuel the listener with the push to win. “Down the Road,” the third track, slows things down and dims the lights, and hooks the audience at the start with a soothing clean guitar riff.

Down the Road is followed by the fourth song “New Eyes of the World,” which raises the energy level with a faster tempo. It carries over to the fifth track that shares the same title as the LP, “On Our Own,” and it efficiently does the trick in two and a half minutes with a catchy chorus to keep the fight going. “Needles,” the sixth track, has a fast tempo just like its preceding tracks but with a brighter and happier vibe to it. “Just One Question” is the seventh song of the album, which brings the intensity level up and has a memorable chorus and lyrics. This sets the stage for the eighth track, “Children of the Night,” with the sound to fill the children of the night with aggression and a fearful image.

The energy level is kept at max with the tenth and eleventh tracks “Ghost” and “Sister.” On Our Own closes out with “Wait,” which slows down the pace. Dominated by reverbed vocals, clean guitar strums in minor chord progressions, and a gripping instrumental break, Wait has a darker and eerie atmosphere throughout the song.

Overall, On Our Own showcases Los Angeles-based Dead Day Revolution’s rich and unique rock style. The mixing and production is already at a professional level. DDR has set a high bar for themselves, and fans should, with no doubt, be excited with both the album’s rich content and what they can deliver in the future.


PopVulture Entertainment Network

popVLTR: You've been making moves in West Hollywood, how'd you get into music? Dead Day Revolution: All three of us started playing music at a young age and each have our own separate paths which lead us to meeting in Los Angeles. What I can say that applies to all three of us though, is that we play music to inspire people just like our heroes inspired us. For myself (Mikey), the ability and the challenge of expressing thoughts and feelings through music is very powerful and rewarding...and scary all at the same time. And man, whats better than getting on stage, cranking up your amp at full volume and blasting the skin off of the people in the front row?!

popVLTR: Congrats on releasing 'On Our Own', who are some of your influences? DDR: Our influences range from Deep Purple, The Cramps, Suicide, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie and The Cure to Roy Orbison, The Platters, Mahalia Jackson, and Hank Williams just to name a few. Good music is good music and we are always on the hunt for an artist that inspires. One thing that Skeeter has taught me is that when you like an artist, go check out who their influences were, then see who influenced them and so forth. That's really how you explore! Skeeter is the champ when it comes to the musical influence family tree. He has probably introduced me to more music in the time that I have known him than my whole life before we met in 2009.
popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music? DDR: You know, we are proud of everything that we have accomplished big and small. Each step of the way, as we further our career, is a gratifying experience. We don't like to compare which accomplishments are "better" than others because its all a process and a continuing practice of setting new goals. One recent discovery that is cool however, is that we have started to see our band come up on a few Indie Radio music charts. Its the accumulation of things like that and this interview among others that snowball and become something much bigger. We really do appreciate the support and recognition from all outlets big and small. We also won a spot to perform at the Vans Warped Tour this June 22 in Ventura, CA!

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Dead Day Revolution? DDR: Right now we are writing new material which will be on the second DDR record! Our approach is very different than "On Our Own". So I (Mikey) am writing ideas either in my own time or jamming with Skeeter (our drummer) and then meeting with Cristian (bass player) to sketch out an arrangement in Protools. We are about 6 songs into it with hours of recordings to sift through and select for the next song idea to finish. After we have a strong set of new songs we are going to take them to the rehearsal studio where we can really bang out the parts and experiment with what works and what doesn't as well as weeding out the songs that we feel don't represent the direction that we are taking. We are also playing at TVIFF the Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival the weekend of Sept 19!

Read the entire article here:

Featured on the Quinn Spin Music Hour Aug 29, 2014

Fan Art by our friend SJ Lykana! She made a demonized Mikey. Check out her work on deviant art!

Direct Link to her site: Features Dead Day Revolution's "Vampire Blues".

The latest winners of our continuing ReverbNation contest are Los Angeles rock trio Dead Day Revolution. Here’s “Vampyre Blues” from their debut album, On Our Own.

The song is a unique brand of hard rock blues. Its endearing chord structure is colored by shredding guitars from frontman Mike Sandoz and bassist Cristian Sturba, powerful drumming by Skeeter Joplin, and a touch of keyboards from guest artist John Thomas. Topping it all off is Sandoz’s vocals, raw and viscerally expressive, adding up to a solid new take on rock and roll.

For more from Dead Day Revolution, check out their ReverbNation profile and their website. Also, check out some of our previous ReverbNation contest winners in Brittney Bouchard, Grown Up Avenger Stuff, and Joon Wolfsberg.

Read the entire article here:

We were included in a discussion about touring on The Hub via Musician'

"On the other end of the genre-spectrum is Dead Day Revolution - an aggressive neo-punk three-piece from Los Angeles. If they never get to tour with The Rolling Stones, they’d go with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or The Black Keys, but their time on the road so far has helped them brand a simple, unique stage presence:

We haven't gotten too crazy with special effects for live shows because of budget constraints. We usually stick to red lighting and, when possible, project an obscure silent film behind us while we play our set.

No matter what style of music you play, remember that it’s about the music first and special effects second."

Read the entire article here!


April Bone - The Hub; published on 4/28/2014

Subba-Cultcha Magazine

Fast rising princes of punk-influenced rock ‘n roll talk us through their past, present and future…

Answered by Mikey Sandoz (Guitar/Vocals)…

When and how did the band get started?

I came to Los Angeles in May of 2009 for a two week pilot project. I used to travel all the time for work. Never being in LA, I thought it would be good to get out as much as possible and meet some people…so I did! I went out every night to hang out see what was going on in the scene. Towards the end of the two weeks I decided to get a tattoo…I didn’t have any at the time…and thought it would be a great idea to get a ¾ sleeve before I left.  After searching around for an exceptional artist, I found Zoey Taylor who worked in West Hollywood at Prix Body Adornment. I asked if she could do a sleeve in two days (because I was leaving) and she along with everyone else at Prix Body Adornment looked at me like I was crazy. Well, not knowing any better I told them I could sit for the whole thing. Haha! So after 28 gruelling hours of tattooing I had an amazing sleeve, a new friend and a ton of street cred to boot! Zoey and I started dating so I moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. She introduced me to her brother Skeeter Joplin and he and I started playing some of my old songs that I wrote on the road.  Zoey liked the songs and agreed to join the band. That was the start of Dead Day Revolution.

What have you been up to recently? Any plans for the near future?

Right now we are trying to finish the last few mixes of our debut album “On Our Own” with our producer Larry Goetz.  It seems like forever ago that we started recording at his studio, The Lair. Larry has really helped us along the way. He has given us the opportunity to spend the time we need to on making the album the best that it can be. And we are really indebted to him. As soon as we can tie up those loose ends we will be working with a PR firm to help us with the launch. This past year we added a new bass player, Cristian Sturba. He and I have been working on new material for the next album release. The new songs are really going to be cool...

Read the entire interview here!

Jeremy Chick- Subba-Cultcha Magazine: published on 3/29/2014

That Music Magazine

“There’s only rule in rock and roll,” Mike Sandoz, vocalist and guitarist of Dead Day Revolution, tells me. “And that’s to say what you want and mean it.”

Fighting words. But he’s a fighting a man. The LA based rockers, drummer Skeeter Joplin and bassist Cristian Sturba complete the line-up, are putting the final touches on their debut album and they’re battling like hell to make it in music. Dead Day Revolution is the first band that Sandoz has been part of and he’s determined to do it right the first time. Sandoz confesses that he’d never pursued music before because, “if I’m honest, I was intimated. It wasn’t something I thought would happen.”

His move to LA, back in 2009, wasn’t to play music. But when he met brother and sister Zoe Taylor and Skeeter Joplin (Taylor helped found the band as bassist, but would later leave) the stage was set. Sandoz, is still taken by the relative success they’ve had playing and touring.

“It’s kind’ve weird getting interviewed for magazines and doing features. At the moment I’ve been in touch with the Chicago Music Library about licensing.”

Dead Day Revolution is starting to waterfall thanks, in no small part, to Sandoz’s work driving the hype machine. He’s promoting their music to anyone that will listen, magazines and airplay, and has vision for exactly what comes next  – the record deal....

Read the entire interview here!

Sebatian Mackay - That Music Magazine: published on 3/27/2014

Regional Musician


(Cover photo and 4 page interview, October 2013 issue)

"So I'm sitting under my Bose noise cancelling headphones, and cue up Down the Road. It starts with this distorted guitar sample that burned right into the middle of my skull. Call it some weird 3D sound effect, but whatever the engineer did, they got me right in my brain. It was like a good electrocution, made me shiver a bit, and really got my attention. Dead Day Revolution brings a modern touch to rockabilly, and definitely worth your time--guaranteed they'll end up on your playlist."

Read the entire interview here!

- Greg McNair, Regional Musician (Aug 29, 2013)

Indie Rock Magazine


This is the most anticipated issue yet. Indie Rock Magazine has Five Finger Death Punch, Dead Day Revolution, Vito A. Galati I, Railroad Earth, RA, and American Hitmen from AGT. We also have 8 of the best CD Reviews EVER! This is a must have issue.

Read entire interview here! 

Featured Interview August 2013  –Indie Rock Magazine

Fabryka Music Magazine

Los Angeles based trio, Dead Day Revolution was founded by Mike Sandoz (vocals/guitars) and Skeeter Joplin (drums) in 2009. Bass player, Cristian Sturba joined the band soon after. This viral and actively social collective of musicians has been working on a debut album for the last two years. Here is it’s foretaste.

"Dead Day Revolution" is a title well known in both literature and music. The original song, by Dead Day Revolution sounds truly passionate. It is performed with a rebellious drive, quite typical in punk-rock music. How else would this style of musicians express their opinions if not making it loud and noisy? Yet the vibe remains positive.

The track starts with noisy guitars that basically take the lead. The riffs are then joined by solid, memorable vocals. Mike purposely vibrates his voice like John Lydon (Sex Pistols) to create an impression of impatience in this already high-energy song. Impatience is a key characteristic of getting ready for an action. Whoever has an idea and is driven towards making changes will feel impatient, wanting to make them happen. Thus, these musicians make a call to action instead of expressing their views through passive criticism.
It should be also mentioned that both drummer and bass player perfectly cooperate throughout the entire song, very well mixed and produced by Larry Goetz.

This track is short enough for a radio exposure (3:24) but extensive in its detail as well. The composition utilizes a method of balancing moods through slowing down the rhythm in the other half. Without it, the song might have sounded overwhelming to a listener's ears due to its fast tempo.

"Children of the Night" has hit potential as well, since it is repetitive but by no means boring. If you're looking for music similar to what's been offered by Green DayBilly Idol,PiL or Smashing Pumpkins, you should give a listen to Dead Day Revolution too. Their music will not only fit your personal playlist, but college radio stations as well.

View online at: 

- Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz CEO - Fabryka Music Magazine, Children of the Night (Song Review) (May 03, 2013)

“Southern-style rock set to a punk tempo that’s as infectious as it is ragged” 

"Playing every instrument at a breakneck speed, with everyone trying to keep up with everyone else—as if no one quite set down ahead of time just how fast they’d really play—“Vampyre Blues” is fun and retro and sloppy and all over the place. In a word: fun. Opening with a riff that recalls some of the faster Black Crowes songs, then with a weirdly foregrounded piano that’s pounded away in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis, the Revolution aim for a most punk aesthetic. And for a free-for-all atmosphere. Despite its Southern stylings, it feels very L.A.—which is where the band hails from. Mike Sandoz sings in a kind of breaking falsetto that sounds more trained and intentional than naturally falsetto, which complements the goofy appeal of these teen-spirit lyrics (“You look at me with your disgrace/Because it’s me you want to taste!”). Producer Larry Goetz keeps things gritty but not too, and it’s polished enough that the band doesn’t sound as if they were born in a garage and then raised in a studio but rather conceived in a garage before being taken in by dive bars and strip clubs eager for a band as straightforward and entertaining as their Whiskey A Go-Go clientele." 

- Devon Jackson (Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly), Freelance Music Journalist (Apr 25, 2013)

“A seductive mini-epic that taps into rock’s limbic potency” 

"After a very moody acoustic opening that hints at a ballad or something spooky, along the lines of Godsmack’s “Voodoo,” “Bury My Soul” soon segues into something more potent and heavy-hitting. The groove shifts from slow and noirishly Western into one more rhythmic and swaying. And then picks up in pace and intensity from there. Mike Sandoz displays impressive range here, too, going from a snaky grunge into one biting and assertive. And the lyrics are as terse as they are to the point: “You’ve got your cigarettes/You’ve got your self-esteem.” Perfect. The riff builds strong and steady and sure. It’s very Lynyrd Skynyrd at times, and then hints at something that Bon Jovi might’ve wished they’d mined had they gone in a darker, more interesting direction than any of the ones they actually pursued. The riff here never veers into the derivative or the clichéd. There’s a real intelligence, a high musical rock n’ roll IQ going on here. And not one that’s heady or self-impressed. It’s creative. It’s loose and self-assured. Really nice.

- Devon Jackson (Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly), Freelance Music Journalist (Apr 25, 2013)

Mike Sandoz of Dead Day Revolution had never sung a Beatles song before. His contemporary rendition of “Day Tripper” was amazing.

- Dave Shaw, (Apr 12, 2013)

“Dead Day Revolution rocked the foundations of Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill, on Feb. 28....

Read entire article here!

Sareth Ney, Examiner (Mar 01, 2013)

“For our next Reverbnation spotlight, we chat to Dead Day Revolution vocalist and guitarist, Mike Sandoz about his band, and the inspirations behind his songs."

Read entire interview here!

- Dom Smith, Soundsphere (Nov 29, 2012)

“You gotta love a band with the word Revolution in it. It just slaps you in the face like a can of Rock Juice first thing in the morning. The music of Dead Day Revolution will have the same effect on you. It rocks, its fresh, and with only two explosive tracks so far they certainly got our attention. Certainly the categories of Label and Management will be filled in and the word "None" will no longer be part of their vocabularly and it will soon change to the band that has everything. ”

View online here! (Nov 05, 2011)