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Cinematic Music Videos Introduce Rock Band Dead Day Revolution


Dead Day Revolution has released their second major music video “Bury My Soul”. Featuring gorgeous black and white cinematography, Bury My Soul is an expressionistic canvas with a “love is war” theme. It’s a riveting follow up to their impressive rock opera “Vampire Blues”. A departure from typical music videos, Dead Day Revolution: Vampire Blues is story-driven multi-song spanning horror themed retro rock opera. It has been described by its director, Dean Gold, as “a depraved rock ‘n roll roller coaster to hell.”

The two music videos come ahead of Dead Day Revolution’s forthcoming album “On Our Own” scheduled for release on April 5th, 2016.

Dead Day Revolution's music had its commercial radio debut Heidi and Frank show, #1 Rated Radio Show in all of Los Angeles. They received received a "clean sweep of approval" on a segment introducing new Los Angeles Bands.

The 12-song collection was mixed and produced by Larry Goetz, veteran recordist who credits include working with such diverse acts as John Cale, Demi Lovato, Alejandro Escovedo, Maia Sharp, Guitar Shorty, War and the Vitamin String Quartet, among others. Adding keyboards is guest player John "JT" Thomas. “There’s only rule in rock and roll,” says Mike Sandoz, vocalist and guitarist of Dead Day Revolution, “And that’s to say what you want and mean it.”

What’s evident throughout their stunning debut album Dead Day Revolution rocks is an undeniable fury through such rhythmically varied tough-punching tracks as "Dancing on the Corner of Death," "On Our Own," "Children of the Night," "Just One Question," "New Eyes of the World," "Needles" and "Ghost," echoing the best and hardest acts that came before with a trademark take all their own. They also seamlessly shift from acoustic atmospherics and crackling electricity on "Bury My Soul" and summon up soaring magnificence on "Wait." From the scintillating "Sister" to the pummeling "Vampire Blues."

“(With) the retro-punk attitude of the Clash, and an intuitive gift for what makes for a catchy riff. Alternating between a taut sensuality and a laconic drone with every syllable. Impressively produced and realized.” (~Devon Jackson freelance music journalist for Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly.)

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Dead Day Revolution: Bury My Soul Music Video (Dir. Dean Gold)

Vampire Blues Music Video Short Version (Main Song Title Only)

Vampire Blues Music Video Full Version (Dir. Dean Gold)

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With Dead Day Revolution it's best to just toss aside the usual hyphenated descriptions, sub-genres and categories that are all but a plague in music these days. The Los Angeles band has many stylistic colors, tones and flavors within their sound, but it all flies under the bold and proud banner of rock'n'roll.


The group's broad and distinctive rock'n'roll sound defies being pigeonholed. "I think that when people have a hard time classifying your music then you are onto something," notes Sandoz. He cites such diverse inspirations as Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Naills, David Bowie, The Cure, Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt. Joplin's love for what he calls "late '70s greasy New York punk rock like Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Johnny Thunders and The Cramps" invests the band with what Regional Musician tags as the band's "aggressive neo-punk" attack, and he has turned Sandoz on to such new favorites of as outsider rock legends like Arthur Brown and Suicide.

Upcoming Album Release Dead Day Revolution: On Our Own

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